Vision & Mission

Solana's claim: Growing innovation.

Solanas Vision

Great things begin here with a single hybrid and the vision of the best potato variety!

We are passionate about finding solutions for the complex challenges associated with climate change, global population growth, resource shortages, global food security, as well as demands from politics, industry and society.

With our actions, we make a valuable contribution.

This responsibility and our commitment to improvement are what motivate us to give our best, day after day.

Solanas Mission

Our mission is to make better use of the potato’s potential

We are in the agriculture and plant breeding business out of passion and conviction. Both are reflected in our aspiration to make optimum use of the potato’s vast potential – and to do things a little better every day.

As farmers, we believe it is our responsibility to produce sufficient quantities of healthy foodstuffs.

As plant breeders, we see ourselves as problem-solvers for farmers, processors and consumers. We aim to develop potato varieties that are ecologically and commercially attractive as a result of the reduced use of pesticides and mineral fertilisers.

Innovation, expertise and experience give us the ability to optimally develop the potential of our potato varieties.

We are an independent family business with regional roots and an international presence that thinks responsibly, holistically and with foresight. We focus on current and long-term developments, the conservation of natural resources and healthy nutrition.

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