Our innovative varieties are an essential key to sustainable food production.

We are convinced that sustainable action is both a social responsibility and a promise to future generations.

Our goal is to breed high-yielding potato varieties that minimise the ecological footprint of agriculture. We are proud of being able to make a contribution towards sustainable agriculture and the securing of a healthy food supply for future generations.

Our commitment to sustainability extends through every step of our breeding process. We use innovative methods and technologies in order to ensure that our varieties are not only of the finest quality, but also have minimum impact on the environment.

We breed varieties

  • that are tolerant of abiotic stresses such as those caused by heat, cold or wetness, because tolerant varieties can deal with climatic challenges – and still deliver stable yields;
  • that are resistant to biotic stresses such as those caused by fungi, bacteria or viruses – and thus help us to reduce the use of plant protection products and contribute directly to a more economical and more sustainable form of agriculture;
  • that are efficient, and deliver higher yields with less fertiliser or water – or achieve higher yields on a smaller area. In this way we contribute to a careful use of our resources.

By breeding potato varieties that are more efficient in terms of the water and nutrients they require and broadly resistant to disease, we can reduce the need for additional agricultural measures. This leads to less use of water, fertilisers and plant protection products during cultivation, which in turn minimises the environmental impact and lowers the carbon footprint of potato production.

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