About us

We have been striving to find solutions ever since we were established: solutions to combat hunger and solutions for sustainable and productive farming practices.

Our roots are in agriculture.

In 1905, the first generation of the Kartz von Kameke family laid the foundations for our corporate group by using their farm in Streckenthin (East Pomerania) for the primary objective of producing sufficient food for a starving population. The crossing and selective breeding of plant stock soon yielded some excellent results and the foundations for our breeding enterprise were laid. Today, we know that plant breeding exponentially increases agricultural production and contributes to prosperity and peace.

Maintaining the balance between food security and climate protection is a Herculean task for humanity and a natural incentive for plant breeders such as us.

Climate change, the loss of valuable agricultural land in favourable locations, as well as our duty to protect natural resources (soil, water, air) have caused productivity losses. Against the background of rising demand due to population growth, we believe it is our responsibility to continue working on new solutions.

The potato is unparalleled

We focus on the potato, the most nutrient-rich, resource-saving and high-yielding staple food. With each passing day we expand our understanding of potatoes and develop new, better varieties to deliver the best-possible solutions to farmers, processors and consumers.

Holistic approach

Solana is one of the leading international suppliers of innovative varieties and high-quality seed potatoes from modern and sustainable production. A key contributor to our success is the fact that we cover the entire supply chain: from agriculture and breeding, through production and marketing, to consulting and international logistics.

Our identity

We are an independent, family-owned company with regional roots and global operations.

Our background in both agriculture and breeding provides us with expansive knowledge and experience of our producers’ and consumers’ requirements.

Our market-leading potato varieties, our individual advice, supply chain integrity and transparency, and our commitment to relationships built on trust and respect have all contributed to our success.

„These are the values we have passed down from generation to generation. “

Leo von Kameke
Managing director of Solana Group

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