Potato breeding – a potent answer to today’s challenges

A growing global population, climate change, extreme weather events, new pests and plant diseases – all over the world, society, agriculture and the food industry are facing huge challenges. One key to meeting these challenges is plant breeding. With targeted breeding, we can develop more resistant, higher-yielding potato varieties that are also better able to tolerate heat, cold or drought, and thus make a direct contribution towards creating a sustainable agriculture for the future.

„Being breeders, growers, and traders, the colleagues in the Solana Group precisely understand which traits are gaining significance. Based on this knowledge, we can already begin planning crosses today to develop the varieties that will meet customer preferences in 10 years.“

Dr. Gunther Stiewe
Head of Research & Development

We invest into the future!

Our invest in R&D is 16,5 % of sales

Our objectives

With plant breeding, we have a powerful tool to meet many challenges. Since our company was founded in 1905, plant breeding has been a problem solver for the challenges of our time. Since the Solana Group was founded, the focus has been on food security and avoiding crop failure, with resistance breeding, sustainability and the effects of climate change playing the most important role today.

  • High market yield
  • Yield security through resistance to biotic and abiotic stress, i.e., diseases, pests, and weather extremes
  • Storage properties: long shelf life and resistance to damage during the storage and removal process
  • Optimal processing properties in close cooperation with the processing industry
  • Good taste and an appealing appearance for table potatoes in all cooking segments: floury, primarily waxy, and waxy potatoes
  • Potato tuber shape, skin and flesh colour tailored to the requirements of local markets
Know-how in every potato

Research projects

With diversity and a lot of passion

Breeding programms

Breeding – how a new variety is created


Create variation: Crossing plants

Selecting the best

Looking towards the future through research and development

Our research and development is focused on the forward-looking planning of tomorrow's breeding goals. Scientifically grounded research is essential to meet the constantly changing nature of these goals.
Our scientific teams therefore carry out numerous R&D projects in collaboration with companies and in national and international networks with leading scientific institutes. This work is aimed at the continuous genetic improvement of our breeding material, the development of innovative methods of variety breeding and ensuring the quality of our seed potatoes.

Our research and development activities focus on
  • Developing varieties tailored to the needs of our customers
  • We use quantitative genetics and mathematical models to optimise the breeding process
  • Development and optimisation of test systems for direct or indirect verification of breeding success
  • Marker-assisted selection – DNA diagnostics for efficient selection in breeding material
  • Use of research collaborations to implement the latest techniques and scientific findings in the breeding process

Incidentally, plant breeding is organised like an open-source project: any breeder can access any variety from another breeder in order to continue breeding with it. All breeders thus benefit from breeding progress – and farmers and consumers ultimately do, too.

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